A sniff & snuggle in the park!

Whenever Mamma Biscuit returns from a visit to the groomers her coat feels as soft and luxurious as a cashmere sweater and she smells like one of those pine fresheners (in citrus scent) hanging in the inside of a brand new car. It’s no wonder Tommy couldn’t resist picking her up during a stroll through Inwood Hill Park. He really wanted to snuggle-up into her built-in mink stole around her neck for a sniff & kiss, can you blame him? In fact, the fresh scent of our Lady of Biscuits could actually give Fabreze a run for their money—she literally freshens up our apartment by simply walking from room to room, under our feet!

Anyway, here are a few photos that I took of Mamma and Pappa having a “squeeze and hug” moment in the park. Is it me or is Mamma Biscuit completely smiling in these photos? and her tongue is looking especially meaty too!

Enjoy and keep safe. That bitch Hurricane Irene has really thrown a gigantic wrench in our weekend plans!

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2 Responses to A sniff & snuggle in the park!

  1. Vicki Jane says:

    I think she kinda looks drunk with all the Lovin…. She is such a lucky girl!!!

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL Vicki, Mamma kinda looks drunk all of the time! I think it has something to do with her tongue hanging out of her mouth! Sometimes I get the urge to place an X over each of her eyes in photoshop to really similuate it visually! xoxo

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