Turtle Time!

Looks like Mamma Biscuit made a new friend while taking a stroll on Pier 86 yesterday. Normally our Biscuit Lady is indifferent to the many dogs that she encounters on her walks throughout this city (we don’t blame her, most dogs seem to only be interested in mounting her) however, Mamma was quite surprised to run into a creature of the hard-shell variety—and she was totally entranced!

His name is Lollypop and his owner informed us that his general life span is about 150 years (thank goodness, at least someone, or shall I say something will be alive in this city to see the 2nd Avenue subway line completed). Lollypop is currently 7 years old (green with envy here, has anyone seen my youth?) and he will most likely have numerous owners as each will have to make provisions for where Lollypop will end up once they kick the bucket!

So here are a couple of photos of Mamma Biscuit coming dangerously close to Lollypop the Turtle. It’s rare to witness our Biscuit Lady being so animated around another living being that’s not human but when she does, she almost becomes obsessive! She would not leave Lollypop alone—and of course Lollypop was no match for our gremlin as he tried to run away from her. All he wanted to do was to snack on a few blades of grass!


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11 Responses to Turtle Time!

  1. Vadim says:

    This looks like some major inter-species (inter-special?) courtship. Maybe by the time Lollipop gets older, it will be legal.

  2. Julie says:

    OK, a few of my friends and I have decided that Mamma needs a beautiful little book all about herself. There must be a way to get that published! :)

  3. bfish says:

    First time commenter but I’ve been lurking from the beginning. We’re huge pug lovers and used to have 5, now down to three. Mamma is such a beauty; I wish she posted every day!

    As a kid our family had a desert tortoise (also extremely long-lived) who our half-basset hound was very curious about. We came to learn that Patch’s yelps meant she’d been a little too nosy and Sherman had nipped the ends of her ears.

    • The Biscuits says:

      Thanks for sharing a comment, we love to hear from all of those who love Mamma Biscuit and read her blog! Wow, you had 5 pugs?? you are like Valentino!!! LOL We were totally afraid that if Mamma got to close to Lollypop, he would nip her tongue LOL so I’m not surprised when you say that your pet desert tortoise nipped your curious half basset hound! At any rate, Mamma is sending you pugs and kisses!!
      The Biscuits

  4. Wow! A turtle. AND a turtle with the coolest name ever. Mamma Biscuit you are one lucky lady dog. PS – ask for a ride on the shell next time ;)

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