The Ghost of Mamma’s Halloween Past

Pig, Pug, it’s just one little vowel that really changes the animal in question however Mamma Biscuit’s voracious appetite would really be more synonymous with Pig rather than Pug. At any rate, the Biscuits are reliving the ghost of Mamma’s Halloween past with these photos of her as “Pearls Before Swine” in 2009!

Do you see how muddy and wet the ground was in these photos? The fact that Mamma Biscuit was able to showcase herself in that pink pig suit and run around Fort Tryon Park for almost two hours without getting it dirty is a testament to how dainty she is. Our Biscuit Lady would rather spend an entire day at the doggy spa getting groomed than hanging out in a bacteria-infested dog run! Bitch clearly takes after her two daddies who have been known to obsess over facial masks and pedicures at the hot Korean spot in the West Village!

Anyway, here are a few photos of our little gremlin celebrating her first Howl-o-ween here in the big, bad city! This was also the year that I dressed up as John Galliano so don’t be puzzled by my pencil thin facial hair—it’s not like I was going for a Little Richard/John Waters look—don’t get it twisted, people!

After a day at the park and eating more than her fair-share of soft-chew treats, our Biscuit passed out, snout to the floor at the pug palace while still wearing her costume! Trust me, we tried prying that costume off of her but she just wouldn’t budge—so we let her win, as usual!

It’s nonstop Halloween coverage here at Mamma’s little corner on the web, so stay tuned for more!


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6 Responses to The Ghost of Mamma’s Halloween Past

  1. That last shot is just WAY too adorable.
    And can I just say if that was my dog in a costume running around in the park, not only would she be covered in head to toe mud, she somehow would have managed to get mud all over me as well. Maybe Mamma should start a deportment school? :)

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL Serena! Actually, Mamma did get me dirty when I held her because her paws were filthy, so don’t feel too bad regarding your adorable Soda! I can’t wait for you to see Mamma’s official Halloween costume this year, you are going to die! Do you dress up your dog in a costume and celebrate the holiday in Australia?

      • It’s funny – Australia is only starting to catch on to Halloween. When I was growing up we didn’t trick or treat or anything, but nowadays kids do.
        Soda is one of those dogs that stand there awkwardly and refuses to move whenever I put anything on her. Last Christmas I tried to put Antlers on her and THAT was a effort :)
        I did make her some doggie treats bags this year though…
        PS. Can NOT wait to see Mamma’s outfit this year!

        • The Biscuits says:

          LOL Boy do I know how hard it is for any dog to keep a sweater on let alone a costume, so I understand Soda’s difficulty! By the way, those treats you created for Soda to celebrate Halloween are fantastic—you have such a great design aesthetic and taste and I bet Soda loved every bit of those treats! I’ll be posting Mamma’s Halloween costume this Saturday, so stay tuned!
          Mamma Biscuit!

  2. Hello Biscuit family! I think Mamma was very brave to wear a pig costume. My man person tried to convince my person to buy a triceratops costume last night and my response was to poop in the pet store. Instead, this year, I will be wearing a t-shirt and necklace. And not a dinosaur in site.

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL, that Triceratops costume seems to be the trendy thing to be for dogs this year—last year, every dog I saw had a shark on it’s back, with their head coming out through the shark’s mouth LOL Keepin’ it clean and simple this year Sadie, thatta girl! PS: I pee on the kitchen floor when I don’t get what I want, good tactic with the poop ;-)
      xoxoMamma Biscuit!

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