Mamma’s Post-Holiday Collapse!

After several days of meticulously packing Christmas decorations in boxes and seriously exercising our organizational skills, Mamma’s holiday workshop at the pug palace has officially come to a close! Yes, we are well aware that the Epiphany (celebrated by most Italians on January 6th) has yet to arrive but y’all need to understand that these gigantic displays in our apartment have been up since before Thanksgiving—and quite frankly, has made us all a little bonkers! So Mamma has given us the go ahead to take everything down and to restore her home to the minimal, preholiday floor plan. I know that this is a very sad time of year for all of you Christmas fanatics out there—at this point, depression and Winter blues have set in for most of you but be rest assured that Mamma Biscuit will be covering all new holiday decor, tips and ideas throughout the year to get everyone’s juices flowing for Christmas 2012—and boy do we have bigger and better plans for next year! Until then, we are enjoying the cavernous echo within our apartment after dedecorating the entire place. It’s amazing how the sheer volume of holiday stuff can absorb the audio/noise level between the living room and the two bedrooms—and yet, that still doesn’t stop us from acquiring new and exciting holidays trimmings from month to month! More to come on some fabulous new after-Christmas finds within the next week or so.

In the meantime, Mamma will be in a deep coma, nursing her holiday exhaustion as you see in these photos! Our girl was quite the social butterfly during this holiday season and now, it’s time for some rest and relaxation. What better day to cozy up in her bed than today—the coldest day of the Winter so far! Speaking of that echo in our apartment—Mamma’s snoring is beyond amplified. I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again—her snoring sounds like a pack of pigs being brought to slaughter!

Enjoy and stay warm, it’s cold out there!

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7 Responses to Mamma’s Post-Holiday Collapse!

  1. Vanessa says:

    Mamma looks wiped! And who can blame her? The holidays were totally exhausting this year, I feel the same way… And even though things are a little low after Christmas and it feels like there’s nothing to look forward to for a while, I was relieved to get our dying tree out of the apartment. Who knew our tiny place could ever look so spacious?

    • The Biscuits says:

      I hear ya Vanessa! Taking Christmas cards down alone can make any hallway or room seem bigger! That’s what the holiday does—it manifests within our respective living spaces! Meanwhile, I can’t get back into planning and posting about Christmas decorations within the next few weeks—Mamma says it’s never too early to plan for Christmas! ;-)

  2. Mariana says:

    Mamma looks fabulous even when she’s totally wiped out.
    Speaking of looking fabulous, I’m not sure if you guys have covered this, but where does she do her shopping?
    I mus know! My little Chihuahua is super jealous of Mama’s wardrobe.

    • The Biscuits says:

      Hey Mariana, Mamma thanks you for the lovely compliments on her ever stylish wardrobe. To be honest, I pick up things here and there from various places around New York City—all of which are boutiques that I can’t remember the names to, I just know where they are located! I’m also a huge online shopper when I’m looking for something specific and flea markets—I put our little gremlin in human accessories etc. but here is a great tip for you and your little chihuahua: check out Century 21 (I’m hoping you have one near you) it’s a discounted department store with designer labels. They have a great pet section with tons of Juicy Couture for dogs—I know, it sounds insane to me for actually suggesting this but they do have great things and reasonable prices! I would also scour your local pet stores—ours is chock full of great finds—Mamma’s apron dress that she is wearing in this post came from our local pet store—right out of the discount bin at only 5 bucks! You don’t have spend a ton of money to have your furry friend look fabulous! ;-)

      • Mariana says:

        Sadly we don’t have a Century 21 here in Arizona, but thanks for the advice. I’ll be on the lookout for some boutiques near where I live. We want to look equally as fabulous. :)

  3. Mamma looks totally adorable in these shots. I completely get the packing up thing – our Christmas wreath stayed on our front door all of 2011 because I forgot topack it away and there was NO WAY I was getting down all the boxes again to put it back. Hope she’s getting some good R and R in. xo

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOl Serena! I love that you refused to put away your Christmas wreath for an entire year because you did not feel like retrieving the box—thatta Girl!!! I don’t know why I wrote a post about Mamma being totally exhausted after putting away the Christmas decor at the pug palace—she’s always sleeping, so really, these photos just highlight a daily occurrence! Happy New year to you and Soda! xo

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