Summertime Schmatta!

There’s more than one way to ease the Summertime sadness here on this boiling, concrete city filled with humidity, smog and way too many tourists—and none of them involve throwing on that Lana Del Rey track on the record player either! Now everyone knows that the true sadness about Lana (whether it’s summer or not) is that she really can’t control her breath while she sings but Mamma doesn’t concern herself with matters that only affect the residents of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. No, our bitch knows that the best way to stay cool and comfortable in these hot Summer months is to throw on an easy breezy schmatta dress like this and call it a day!

Now what’s not to love about a dress that can double up as an apron? It’s comfortable, it’s made from a breathable fabric and honestly, the pattern alone could have easily been on any given dish towel in my grandmother’s kitchen across the Atlantic Ocean in Calabria, Italy! We’re also not too concerned that this pattern may age Mamma Biscuit in any way considering that granny-chic is so on trend this season in this city—and let’s face it, Mamma can wear a sack of russet potatoes on her back and still look fierce!

So off to the park we went for a Summertime stroll in Mamma’s Summertime dress. If you removed her from the urban park background of these photos and replaced it with a crumbling stone house alongside a line of cypress trees overlooking a hillside, they could very well be a canine advertisement for a vacation under the Tuscan sun!

Come to think of it, I might save this dress for late August when my mother decides to make her homemade tomato sauce! I can just see Mamma Biscuit running around the kitchen in this house dress as my mother prepares to boil 600 pounds of tomatoes in a giant pot! The entire look seems fitting for that late summer, labor-intensive, Italian tradition!

Stay cool!

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6 Responses to Summertime Schmatta!

  1. Mariana says:

    Dear Mama, I wish I had a people-sized version of your wardrobe. You are Fabulous!

  2. Vanessa says:

    You ned to give Mamma the the Lana Del Rey album as a chew toy. I hate than crap!
    Anyway, Mamma couldn’t be any cuter if she tried! Guess what? I have a little pup of my own now! He wouldn’t look half as good in that dress, though.

    • The Biscuits says:

      OMG OMG OMG tell me all about your new dog!!! what’s his name? breed? I need photos!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! BTW, I’d give Mamma Lana’s album as a chew-toy but unfortunately, she doesn’t have any teeth to chew with LOL
      Great to hear from you again! I stop over at your blog from time to time but you’ve taken a break!
      Mamma and family!

  3. bfish says:

    I’m not a “girly-girl’ myself and my black girl pug has way too much in-your-face attitude to pull off this frilly feminine frock, but I must say it is SO adorable on Mamma B!! She is indeed a fashion trendsetter for all seasons. The excessive cuteness and amazing tongue are killing me; you go Mamma and show everyone in NYC how to beat the heat in style.

    • The Biscuits says:

      I’m sure your black girl pug can pull off granny-chic the way Mamma does in these photos! I’d love to see photos of her! Do you ever dress her up in any doggy clothes? I’ll admit, I can get a bit obsessive over doggy clothes (as you can see on this entire blog) but I just can’t help it! Mamma’s closet is growing at an alarming rate!Hey, maybe I should do a video post of a walk through of Mamma’s wardrobe alla Blue Fly closet! That could be fun! I love that your little black girl pug has “attitude” LOL pugs can be so fiesty some times! Thanks for the compliments! Mamma is sending you pug hugs and kisses!

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