Summertime Florals!


A cool, breezy, Summertime day in Fort Tryon Park would not be complete without Mamma Biscuit sporting a bold-print floral dress. It’s probably Mamma’s most favorite past time—prancing around the dog run looking incredibly chic while all the other dogs stop and stare at how fabulous she is! I suspect that she likes the pomp and circumstance of it all because she won’t dare step one paw into a dog run—trust me, I’ve tried. The last time Mamma Biscuit was in a dog run, she took several timid steps into the space, stopped, looked around with disgust and then turned on her heels and pranced straight for the exit! With Mamma, it’s strictly park strolling alongside humans and sitting on benches for a little relaxation—after all, what more could you expect from a pug wearing a dress and a giant brooch on her lapel? At any rate, we’ve had some cool days lately and I love that we were able to take our little gremlin away from the air conditioner and out for a walk through the park where she can be adored and admired by the public.

So after a 45-minute grooming appointment on Sunday, Mamma emerged as a shiny new pug. She was soft as cashmere and carried the scent of a brand new car—perfect timing for a few portraits of her wearing a new
floral print dress!


Linden Terrace is the perfect backdrop here for Mamma because it provides a nice umbrella of trees for shade and an amazing panoramic view of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. Now about that floral print dress, it’s so on trend this season. Mamma Biscuit is workin’ all of her best angles here while highlighting her best feature
of all—her tongue!


I especially enjoy the fact that her tongue is as pink as the flowers on her dress, and so did everyone around us. Sometimes it’s like walking around with a celebrity because everyone wants to take a photo of Mamma Biscuit when she is out and about—especially when she’s dressed to the nines and totally off the leash!


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6 Responses to Summertime Florals!

  1. Jana says:

    Mama is just like my middle child, my first girl who, upon entering the UES River esplanade park on 63rd (how I miss it despite they now have a killer back-yard with tons of grass and a pool) would give me the ultimate stink-eye as we entered the actual fenced-in play. Her brother and sister? Well they would totally go batshit and run amok smelling all breeds of ass and having a blast. Said middle child (she may just have that syndrome) would only, once in awhile, partake in the jubiliation – for like 2 minutes. She would sit on my lap if I wasn’t up and about throwing a ball or corralling my kids away from the deviant children, with a look of disgust, albeit a sanguine one, like: “These animals! What has society come to?” Take her out of the park for the walk back home – prancing like she was in some choreographed show ring!
    With all that, I digress…We GET IT, Mama B! (She’s looking very Hamptonesque/Lilly Pulitzer but not as prissy with a good solid background.)

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOLOL Digress some more, that was hilarious! Looks like your middle child and Mamma have so much in common! Mamma does enjoy a nice Hamptonesque look for the Summer even though she’s never been! Someday, someday! xoxo

  2. Jana says:

    that would be background!

  3. Jana says:

    BLACKground. Gah.

  4. Patty says:

    Mamma looks great as always. Girlfriend really takes advantage of her spa days! She looks so luxiourious! And the way she poses, just like a model! I think she was a supermodel in another life! Just love her and her blog. Happy Friday!

    xoxo Patty

    • The Biscuits says:

      Thanks so much for the lovely words Patty! Mamma Biscuit came to us with modeling experience! She must have been the Linda Evangelista of the puppy mill because she needs very little directing on set LOL xo

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