Color Blocking in the City!


Do you know what I love most about Fall fashion trends? It’s that all the old rules have been thrown out the window! Actually, that’s what I love about NYC fashion in general—anything and EVERYTHING goes no matter what time of year it may be—except for Uggs, I just can’t get on board with that footwear. I’m almost positive that the word Ugg is short for ugly! There’s nothing worse than a woman (any age) walking around wearing a pair of Victoria Secret sweatpants with the word PINK displayed across her ass tucked into a pair of Uggs! I’m sorry to digress but I just find that look offensive on so many levels. Anyway, how can anyone take the old rule of not wearing white after Labor Day seriously when there’s such a thing as Winter white? In my opinion, it’s not about the actual color but rather the material of the garment that should delineate seasons. Linen is white but a cable knit sweater or a wool coat can be white too, which do you think would work best during Autumn or Winter? I’ve been around enough fashion in my lifetime to know that when Autumn comes rolling around, fashion designers worldwide like to pay homage to warm, natural colors that mimic the foliage outdoors, but lately, designers have dropped the literal color scheme that has been conventionally assigned to each season and instead, have implored us all to wear bright and rich colors all year long—and Mamma Biscuit is fiercely excited about that!


Color in our wardrobe can sometimes invigorate us and give us a much needed jolt of inspiration! Color blocking is so much fun because you can take the concept of “working with a blank canvas” to a whole new level. Your canvas becomes one bright or rich solid color that can be paired with another bright or rich solid color. A solid color can also act as the accessory alone to an entire ensemble or be accompanied by another color blocked accessory for a surrealistic effect. Mamma Biscuit showcased just how spirited she can be (and totally on trend) this past weekend while running errands throughout NYC in her color-blocked Autumn outfit. Doesn’t her personality practically pop out at you in
this gorgeous teal color?


Our fashionable little gremlin sported a rich teal cable knit sweater paired with a fun and surrealistic pillow brooch in the shape of red lips. The brooch added just the right amount of art-pop to the overall look although using the phrase art-pop leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. The last thing I want to do is have you all think that I’m referencing Lady Gaga’s upcoming album entitled ARTPOP in any way—or as my friends like to call it, ARTFLOP, ARTSTOP (I came up with that one) and my favorite being ARTMOP: because someone is gonna have to clean up her pretentious visual and audio mess! In other words, there’s no Applause for Lady Gaga coming from Mamma Biscuit and family! The lyrics: “One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me” should be applied to Mamma Biscuit, not Lady Xerox—after all, Mamma Biscuit is practically a Salvador Dalí in these photographs and nothing says surrealism quite like the length of her epic tongue. On a side note (and since I’m hashing out my hatred of current pop stars) Mamma Biscuit has hired a lawyer to sue Miley Cyrus for stealing her look (see Miley’s extended tongue) during her performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Simply put, Miley is a talentless and directionless thief whose performance was neither provocative nor shocking. It was actually quite the opposite, predictable and stupid . . . an everything-AND-the-kitchen-sink assault on our eyes and ears. She’s just what the music industry needs, another young, stupid girl they can interior decorate to shove down our throats! How dare she steal Mamma’s extended tongue look!


But back to our weekend, we got off the subway at Columbus Circle on Saturday and stopped to snap a few Fall portraits along Central Park South before running our errands. Mamma Biscuit can always draw a crowd of locals and tourists with her impeccable sense of style and unbearable cuteness! There was a woman sitting at the end of this bench trying to have a serious conversation on her cell phone but she kept looking over at Mamma Biscuit and smiling, especially when Mamma started to bark, demanding us from behind the lens to give her another damn peanut butter treat! I know, I’m raising a super model here so I just put up with it really!


So remember folks, during these Autumn months you should banish the brown, burn the beige and drop the burnt sienna (yes, that is an actual color that Bob Ross loved to use with his fan brush to make fluffy Autumn leaves in many of his iconic landscape paintings) and pick yourself out something colorful from your closet before heading out—you’ll be happy all day long!


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18 Responses to Color Blocking in the City!

  1. Lazar says:

    I think that anyone would fell in love with Mama Biscuit knitted outfit. The colours are great…soo fresh. I love everything knitted, especialy my wool socks:)…Now it’s definitely time for all those cosy knits.. at least here in Macedonia. I would like to see Mama in something knitted, soft and fluffy on snowy day…
    Have a beautiful, relaxing day.

  2. pugs and kisses says:

    Hi there Mamma Biscuit, We just love your striking colors and fun brooch! We are going to take your advice and pump up the color this fall! Can’t wait! Hugs to you, GR

  3. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    I adore this… My mom, who actually has knitting skills (I have knotting skills), made our Penelope Glottis a striking red sweater a couple years back. Pugs look beautiful in reds and pinks… I mean striking quite literally, as Penny’s first walk out in it caused a couple of construction vehicles to rearend each other, the drivers were so taken by her beauty.

    I think the hot red lips make this a real knock out.

    And guys, I feel like I have become my dad but… yeah, why do people PAY to make their asses billboards for Victoria’s Secret? I want my buttocular region looked at for its own merits (or lack thereof), not as reading material.

    In admiration, Kristin and Penny

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL I’m so glad you see my point regarding those Victoria Secret “pink” sweatpants! I just don’t get why anyone woudl wear them! I’d love to see a photo of your lovely Penelope wearing a red sweater! I need to get Mamma Biscuit a nice red cable-kinit sweater, she has a thin knit sweater in red that’s for the holidays but I think Mamma woudl look fantastic in a red solid knit! I’m sure Penny captures teh attention of everyone around her when she’s wearing hers!

  4. Patty says:

    OMG! Mamma is just the cutest! My fav photos are numbers 3, 5 & 6! I am totally in love with her! Sweet girl! Who couldn’t help falling for those eyes?! On another note, I saw 3 pugs this weekend! We were at the Peddler’s Village (Lahaska, PA) Scarecrow fest. There was a little old lady pug in a stroller and a younger male pug. Then as we were leaving, there was a young pug named Abby. That made my weekend!

    xoxo Patty

    • The Biscuits says:

      Patty, I love a good pug sighting any day of the week! Even better if you come across a pug in a stroller LOL I’m glad you love Mamma Biscuit and think she is just the cutest, we tend to think she is too! xoxo

  5. bfish says:

    I definitely agree with you and Mamma about the colors — OMG if anything when weather gets cold and days short I need a lot of color (and not the colors of dying leaves) to keep it together. Of course a good dose of pug pictures (and pug snuggles) really helps. In case it hasn’t been said enough, her cable knit sweater and brooch are adorable and sassy! (IMO cable knit never goes out of style.)

    Too funny about the Mamma B. tongue lawsuit — I hope you all collect big! And re: Lady Gag (oops I forgot one of the letters), apparently she’s engaging in an angry exchange of tweets with Adam Levine as she believes he dissed her on some of the very same points you mention. Very amusing.

    • The Biscuits says:

      I heard all about these obscure yet very transparent tweets between Adam Levine and Lady GagGag LOL I find it all very amusing as well! Miley Cyrus will most likely want to settle out of court because although she is an attention whore, she doesn’t care for the media blitz Mamma Biscuit will throw on her twerking ass—no worries, we’ll collect enough cash to furnish a bigger and better wardrobe than the one she currently has! I’m glad you see my point with color in a fall wardrobe, almost everyone I know likes to look like a cornucopia of “dead leaves” (I love that description by the way) during September, October and November!

  6. Courtney says:

    Oh my goodness – those lips!! Love!! And thank goodness I am not the only one who thinks Lady Gaga is just completely pretentious and needs to get over herself. And poor Miley – she just needs a grandma or something – someone needs to set that girl straight! I’m embarrassed FOR her – sheesh!! I am sooo excited about fall shopping and it’s great to see all these bright, fun colors. If I never see another “spice orange” it will be too soon!

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL Spice orange, now that’s sounds like a flavored Autumnal tea! I see a lot of moss green and bowel-movement brown too! So dreadful! I’m so glad that most of our readers here find Lady Gaga just as pretentious as we do! Whenever MTV plays the music video for that annoying new single, Applause (or as I like to call it, Applesauce) on the TV, Mamma Biscuit pees on the floor—and she never pees on the floor—I think that should explain how she feels! Years ago, we took Mamma Biscuit over to a friends house for an evening of watching trashy reality TV and Lady Gaga premiered her Edge of Glory Music video (love the song, hated the video, although I appreciated her wearing all of that vintage Versace in it) and Mamma Biscuit peed on our friends area rug—meanwhile if we put on any of Madonna’s concerts on TV, she’ll stare at the TV in amazement, without even blinking once—I think we know who the real winner here is, don’t you?!

  7. Suzy says:

    If I saw Mama B in the City, I would totally fangirl & scream! AHHHH!!!
    Then beg for puggy kisses :)

  8. Candy says:

    MB looks AMAZZZZZING in those colors, and the red lips really suit her (as shes gifted in the mouth region). Speaking of, Mamma would kill Miley in a tongue-off!! I’d love to see that, Miley would go DOWN in a second. Did you see her new photos with Terry Richardson? GAG.

    Love you MB!!

  9. thatgirl says:

    You had me at “talentless and directionless thief!”
    Love your pop assessment AND Mamma Biscuit’s sick accessorization acumen! Must get her together with my Sheldon for a Pugladies Who Lunchdate some time!
    Happy Autumn, darlings!

    • The Biscuits says:

      I’m glad you love Mamma Biscuit’s accessory tastes and she would love to meet new pugladies to lunch with here in NYC! As far as Miley Cyrus is concerned, how dare she steal Mamma Biscuit’s look with her tongue? sighh

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