Bedside Mamma!


Hey there peeps, it’s me, Mamma Biscuit . . . remember me? I know, it’s been way too long since we last updated our little cozy corner here on the web but I promise we have a legitimate reason for it. Mamma has been recovering from a really bad case of puppy bronchitis for the last several weeks—damn this never-ending Winter and her obsession with sticking her nose in the dirtiest corners of the street. Don’t be alarmed though because after a healthy dose of antibiotics, she’s doing phenomenally well. With that said, her days and nights have been spent mostly indoors and quite frankly, she’s feeling a little blue. To make matters worse, the entire month of March has turned out to be January’s wicked step-sister—which only made us stay indoors more. Mamma Biscuit is usually out prancing the fabulous streets of NYC once Spring has sprung but between her puppy bronchitis and the unseasonably cold weather, she’s been a home-body with a major case of cabin fever. So to brighten up our Biscuit Lady and make her feel good again, I decided to pull out something fashionable for her to wear. She wasn’t going anywhere but who doesn’t like to play dress-up once in a while to pick-up one’s spirits? A cute ensemble with a fierce brooch can make any lady feel like a million bucks.


So here she is, our reclining beauty, dressed in a fabulous bouclé jacket with knitted collar paired with a vintage pearl-pin brooch in the shape of a heart. The moment I pulled out the jacket from her closet, her face lit up. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but she did sport an ear-to-ear smile once I pulled out the peanut butter treats! I picked up two of these hand-made bouclé jackets from the local doggy boutique in our neighborhood several weeks ago—doesn’t she look so chic?


Do you know what else we did to brighten up her day as she napped on our bed? We installed an amazing light fixture overhead, that’s what we did. OK, maybe it didn’t brighten up her day as much as it simply brightened the room when we flipped the switch on but it sure made Tommy and I very happy, that’s for sure! We have been scouring everywhere for an Art Deco light fixture for the bedroom for several years now and when we came across this beauty, our jaws dropped.


This beautiful Art Deco light fixture circa 1935 is made of milk-white ceramic with black deco motifs accenting the entire globe. It’s called a skyscraper fixture because it looks like an upside down Chrysler Building in my opinion. It’s stunning to look at and quite frankly, Mamma Biscuit sleeping on the bed below dressed in her chic outfit is simply picture-perfect!


I find myself popping into our bedroom every 20-minutes just to gaze at it while listening to Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful playing on the Victrola—and Mamma Biscuit passed out like a dead horse across my bedspread!


Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer, Mamma Biscuit will be able to venture outdoors again so we can bring you some fabulous New York City moments!


In the meantime, she’ll continue napping indoors!

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6 Responses to Bedside Mamma!

  1. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    Glad to hear Mamma’s on the mend. It’s no fun to have a sick kid, and I don’t know about Mamma, but when our Penny gets a cold (or allergy, or reflux) the cough volume is deafening. And sounds so painful… and is sure worry inducing. So give her a hug for us… and maybe if I relate her tale to Penny she’ll stop coming in with leaf litter stuck to her lovely lolly tongue (but probably not… pug-kids, sigh.)
    Mamma looks lovely in her ensemble… She rather matches the light fixture.

    Kristin & Penelope Glottis

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL the cough volume is not only deafening, she sounded like a 75 year old cigarette smoker from Jacksonville, Florida! I think even she realized how horrible she sounded because she stopped barking when I took out the treats. She was still excited and all up in my face but she just refused to bark—and upside to her illness if you will!

  2. bfish says:

    Mamma and the Biscuit family were AWOL for awhile but I’ve been far worse! (computer problems, still continuing . . . ) I’m glad she’s on the mend and I don’t think you’re imagining nor exaggerating that she’s especially perked up by the boucle jacket. It’s so big city sophisticated compared to some of her sweet dresses and I love it — brings out a different side of her personality (which of course shines right through the monitor). And your light fixture is fabulous; well worth a long drawn-out search for the perfect one.

    More later when I (hopefully) get back on my own computer.

    • The Biscuits says:

      OH NO, so sorry to hear about your computer problems. Hopefully you’ll be back and running smoothly soon! I’m glad you love our lighting fixture, and of course, Mamma Biscuit in her bouclé jacket. Mamma can cheer anyone up no matter how many viruses our computers may fall victim too! xoxo

  3. Funaek says:

    Glad to hear Mamma Biscuit is doing better! Bronchitiis is no fun and this winter has been brutal, totally encroaching on our spring. The second to last photo cracks me up because of Mamma Biscuit’s tongue placement on your bed designs :D

    • The Biscuits says:

      YES, we are slowly creeping Towards warmer weather and longer walks through the park but that still doesn’t stop Mamma from throwing herself into an 8-hour nap on either the sofa or our bed, where her tongue is almost always out and under her face LOL

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