Easter Bunny Madness!


I’m not sure how we managed to make our way out to Long Island to visit the Easter bunny this year but I’m so glad we did. Aside from just being super busy this entire Winter and feeling like time has just escaped us from every single direction, the weather itself has been uncooporative as well! Our days have been unseasonably cold and snowy that even shopping for an Easter dress for Mamma Biscuit alone seemed to be uninspiring. I thought that maybe putting up our annual Easter tree would bring some Spring cheer into our home but with each passing snowfall, the rock salt, scarf and gloves seemed to infringe on our Easter eggs. It seems like Mother Nature is going to continue to be an unyielding bitch with her Wintry tendencies so last weekend, I decided make my own plans. We packed up our little gremlin along with one of her adorable Spring frocks and headed to The Dees’ Nursery & Florist out in Oceanside, Long Island to take a bunch of awkward and creepy portraits of Mamma Biscuit on the Easter bunny’s lap! This is seriously the only way we know how to celebrate the betrayal, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!


The staff at Dees’ simply cannot get enough of Mamma Biscuit and her impeccable style and look forward to our visits during Christmas as well as Easter. So come along and take a look at some of our fun and silly photographs of Mamma Biscuit stealing the Easter bunny’s heart while making love to the camera. I swear, our little pug must have been a super model in her passed life because she is working every angle of her face here—like she needs to pay the rent!


It was almost a novelty to walk around the nursery and look at all of the beautiful flowers in bloom considering it was below freezing outside the greenhouse walls. Here’s hoping some of these floral photos can bring you a sense of Spring through the computer screen.


Now onto the most important aspect of the Easter holiday, Mamma’s annual Easter tree! You’ve been waiting all year for this and the time has finally come. Mamma’s tree stands in our living room corner in all of its Easter glory bringing us a much needed Springtime cheer in the never-ending Winter we’ve been having.


So that’s it folks. The Biscuit family would like to wish you all a very Hoppy Easter. Hopefully, Spring will show up soon—any day now, right?!? sighhhhhh


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10 Responses to Easter Bunny Madness!

  1. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    Holy Mamma of God that rabbit is frightening! Paul and I laughed because Mamma looks a bit more relaxed in her daddies’ arms than she does with the bunny. I can’t imagine why!

    Little wiggly pug tails,

    Kristin, Paul, Penny (who is reasonably okay with her stroller.. I feel like a giant dork though) & Eddie

    • The Biscuits says:

      I know! No matter how hard venues try to make an Easter bunny look cute, they always fail! I feel like the costumes lack girth and fluffiness rendering almost every Easter bunny I see looking like a strung out bunny with a bad crystal meth habit LOL
      At any rate, we had to subject Mamma Biscuit to this madness, because we are terrible parents like that ;-)

      Happy Easter

  2. Niamh says:

    Your displays are beautiful not to mention your family portraits!! Love it all! mamma looks particularly regal today…and soft and fluffy!! Xox

  3. Chris S says:

    Happy Spring Biscuit Family, Mamma B is a spring vision in her pretty pink Easter dress. I think Ms. Mamma would divine in an Easter bonnet too. Love the family Easter Bunny pictures too! Isn’t that what the holidays are about, subjecting your loved ones to pose for humiliating pictures with complete strangers who may or may not be crazed lunatics?
    To this day I still love a good awkward photo. Dees Nursery and Greenhouse looks like they have a nice selection of plants. I will have to get myself there one day soon. I also must tell you we look forward to your holiday trees too, it make the Pug Palace that much more festive Here is hoping that Mamma gets a basket of soft peanut chews from the Easter Bunny (because we all know that she has been so good)
    Happy Easter to all of you! Pugs and Kisses to all, Christine, Dieter, Winston and Ramona (who has not been so good)

  4. Patty says:

    Hi Biscuit family… just wanted to say hello and hope all is well in the Biscuit household.

    xox Patty

  5. Cheryl says:

    Hi everyone!
    Haven’t seen anything new with Mamma lately. Hoping all is well. We miss Mamma updates!
    With love, Cheryl and Lucy (Mammas New Hampshire fans!)

    • The Biscuits says:

      Hey there Cheryl and Lucy,

      Thanks for stopping by and inquiring. Yes, everything is A-OK here at the Pug Palace. I have just given myself a bit of a blog vacation but have no fear, a new update is coming shortly as Mamma’s Birthday is coming up. Stay tuned for more xoxo

      The Biscuits

  6. Mariah says:

    Missing Mamma Biscuit… Hope everything is okay with you both and your little fashion icon.

    • The Biscuits says:

      Aww Thanks for stopping by Mariah and asking about Mamma Biscuit. Yes, everything is JUST fine, I have just been on a little blog vacation. I totally needed it but have no worries because a new post will come shortly as Mamma’s Birthday is coming up! Stay tuned for more ;-)


      • Chris S says:

        Glad to hear that all is well at Biscuit House.
        Take care,
        Christine, Winston, Dieter and Ramona
        PS, give Mamma B a hug and kiss from us <3

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