The Great Pumpkin and Mamma Biscuit!


There is something really special about Autumn in New York and it has little to do with cool weather and cable knit sweaters and everything to do with Mamma Biscuit and her impending Halloween costume. I cannot wait to show you all what we have come up with for her this year because to merely say it’s EPIC is really just a gross understatement. It’s beyond EPIC and unfortunately, y’all will have to wait another three weeks before we unveil it here. In the meantime, to usher in our most favorite and spookiest season of all, we bring to you the Great Pumpkin and Mamma Biscuit!


I know, I know, you’re wondering how the hell did this happen! It’s so crazy that Mamma Biscuit has been wasting all of these years planting her cute butt in the pumpkin patch at the apple orchards up in New Paltz waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear the way Linus does every year . . . and of course, every year, he never shows up. Who would have thought that a nice brisk walk through Fort Tryon Park on a perfect Autumn day would bring these two together?


Here’s how it all went down. Mamma Biscuit woke up that morning with a pep in her step and a glimmer in her marble eyes and I knew something special was about to happen the moment she pranced out of the apartment door. At first I thought it was the sheer comfort of her pumpkin pajamas that gave her this extra boost of confidence but when she started tugging on her leash, literally walking me straight into the woods, I knew something was up. The moment we cleared the brush alongside a park lamp post, there he was, the famed Great Pumpkin in all of his glory, waiting patiently for our little gremlin to arrive. It was a Halloween miracle really and all I could think of was how poor Linus and Sally was missing it all. I unclasped Mamma’s leash and off she ran right into the Great Pumpkin’s lap soaking in all of his magical Halloween powers. It was as if I was charging a battery because Mamma Biscuit eyes were twirling as her Halloween tank was being filled. The Great Pumpkin gave her a few words of Halloween encouragement, wrote down a witch spell to make her daddies give her loads of peanut butter treats against our will and then he disappeared, right from under her.


Poof, he was gone and Mamma Biscuit was titling her little pug head from left to right wondering if it was all real. Thank goodness I was there to witness the whole thing with my camera!


So there you have it folks, Mamma Biscuit and the Great Pumpkin are officially ushering in the Halloween season. Star your engines and may the best costume WIN!


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6 Responses to The Great Pumpkin and Mamma Biscuit!

  1. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    Do the pumpkin jammies come in adult human sizes? They look comfy. Not only does Mamma look adorable in them, she looks adorable wearing them in PUBLIC. Maybe it is more acceptable for pugs? (I mean, Penny and Eddie are told how cute they are when they go out naked… I just get called to the courthouse when I try it).

    All I know is I judge Mamma as a cutie when she’s out in jammies… but I don’t feel the same about the jammie clad ladies in line getting pumpkin spice whatever the hell it is they are pumpkin spicing now at Dunks.

    The Great Pumpkin now… he’s a bit creepy. Not Easter Bunny on Meth creepy, but that’s a hard one to top.

    Can’t wait to see what Mamma will be for Halloween!

    Pug tail wiggles and hugs,
    Kristin, Paul, Eddie and Penelope Glottis

    • The Biscuits says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Jammies can only be worn by children and dogs out in public and I love how this pair really squeezes Mamma Biscuit in like a sausage LOL I have been waiting all year to use this pumpkin head that I keep out in the Pug Palace as decor all year long. You guys are going to flip your lid when you see Mamma’s Halloween costume this year. Only a few more weeks until the big reveal! xo

  2. Patty says:

    Did I tell you how much I love Mamma B? That first photo is just too precious! I used to hold my Angel like that too and was the only one she would allow to hold her like a baby! This year on October 17, my girl would have been 17! Anyhoo, can’t wait to see Mamma’s costume this year!

    xoxo Patty

  3. Christine says:

    We love how Mamma B looks like a little snuggle bunny in her pjs. Pajamas were made for pugs as far as I am concerned. I love the pumpkin head, it looks like a decoration from the 40’s-50’s that kids would put candy in.
    I think the 3 of you should do a theme costume. I am sure Mamma’s costume will rake in the soft peanut butter treats when she rings the doorbells…can’t wait to see it! I am trying to incorporate Dieter’s “Walkin’ Wheels” into a costume :). XO, Christine, Ramona, Dieter and Winston.

    • The Biscuits says:

      YES, that pumpkin head we have is sooo old. It was hand made in that time period too and we keep it out all year long as decor in Mamma’s Pug Palace. I love the way PJs look on pugs. They have such compact, robust bodies and the PJs encase them like a stuffed sausage LOL I can’t wait to reveal Mamma’s costume, more to come on that! Walkin’ Wheels costume? now THAT I have to see LOL

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