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Holiday Trim for the Ages!

Time seems to be something I’m lacking these days. I just turned 37 last week (in gay years, I‘m considered a walking corpse) and the one thing I can reflect on in my life (besides how rich and wonderful Mamma … Continue reading

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Fraggle Pug!

I’ve never been more excited to see grass and pavement in my entire life! To say that this Winter has been harsh is a total understatement because I feel like we’ve been caved into the Pug Palace for months now. … Continue reading

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Our Sweet Valentine!

That romantic time of year has finally arrived and boy do I have a bad case of anxiety! Despite having experienced four Valentine’s Days with Mamma Biscuit, I’m still never fully prepared for the onslaught of greeting cards, bouquets of … Continue reading

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A Prolonged Holiday!

The arctic weather we’ve been having lately in the Northeast has really made Mamma Biscuit want to hibernate. Who could blame the Biscuit Lady—the temps are minus zero degrees, rendering her tongue and wet nose frozen solid. Every time we … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas at the Pug Palace, 2013!

The night before Christmas has finally arrived and all through our house, Mamma Biscuit has been stirring, running back and forth with anticipation and excitement as she waits for St. Nicholas to appear! Has our little gremlin been naughty or … Continue reading

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