Get Into HER Groove

Go on Mamma Biscuit, raise the volume and let everyone know that you have a new blog. Tell everyone that they don’t need to troll the personals section of a New York City tabloid to get the scoop on what’s hot, what’s not, or simply what’s on your mind! Whether you are a bored, unfulfilled housewife living in Fort Lee, New Jersey, or a mover and a shaker living the fabulous life in NYC, make Desperately Seeking Mamma Biscuit your daily blog destination! You can’t keep this fawn ambition down!

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22 Responses to Get Into HER Groove

  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    Congratulations on the new blog, you hot bitch!!

  2. Janet says:

    Hey Mamma- this is the best blog ever. Congrats to you and your dads!

  3. Butch says:

    Hey sexy, I’m totes jealous of your blog.

  4. Tova says:

    I KNOW you know you betta have some other “bored, unfulfilled nj housewife” friend that you were thinkin about when you wrote that!!! I live in Teabag, NJ- NOT Fort Ree, and I am FABULOUS!!! I feel bad for your unnamed friend in fort lee. :)

    • Mamma Biscuit says:

      Tova, Mamma Biscuit intended to reference you as a “mover and shaker” because clearly, that’s who you are!!! xoxox

  5. Kelly Anne says:

    Go Mama! Loving the polka dots and fur!

  6. Esther-May says:

    Congratulations Mama and welcome on the blogosphere!

  7. jeannette says:

    go l’il mama. rescue doggies are the prettiest.

  8. This much-anticipated site is the best thing to happen to the internet since the internet was born. Yes, I speak for everybody.

    We’re living in hard times, and this nation—indeed, this WORLD—needs to hear the thunderous roar of Mamma’s inner voice. We need to feel her sass come at us in unapologetic waves of honesty and wisdom. What we need, what I need, is to be caressed by this enviable spirit that transmits so clearly through photos and description and, perhaps, just for a moment, feel as if our noses might find their home within the natural order of the universe, snorgled somewhere into the folds of her neck. Soon, I predict, the world will feel the presence of Mamma with an indelible clarity and robust strength. Her insight will weigh upon us like the forces of gravity that evidently govern her tongue.

    This is the dawning of the Age of Mamma.

    • Tova says:

      Dan- Can you ghost write the unauthorized auto-biography (is that possible?) of my very fabulous life as a NJ housewife? I like your way with words… it draws me into a world with lots of visually descriptive, multi-sylable adjectives that evoke a wonderfully colorful place to live that cannot realistically exist in a state called new jersey.

    • The Biscuits says:


      Mamma wants to personally thank you for such a thoughtful, articulate and eloquent response to her new blog. Have you two met in a previous life?? You’ve been able to capture the importance and the urgency of her essence and because of this, she would like to use this entire quote on the front cover of her inevitable Biography—so much that she is willing to work any front cover design around such a large block of text. Mamma will not stand for such impersonal, trite quotes such as “Explosive” —New York Times
      On another note, Mamma will be visiting the middle east in the next month or so to stir up a miracle by waving her magic wand of a tongue to produce loaves of bread and baskets of fish, and an overabundance of soft chew biscuits for all those lost puppies and old alley dogs in need of a good square meal—stay tuned

  9. Mama Muffin says:

    Dear Mama Biscuit,
    Did I see you last Halloween dressed up as Anna Wintour?? I thought I did, was that you? You should post it on your website, cuz you looked so DAMN chic!

    Also, was that you on the red carpet last night next to Mandy Moore? I loved your lace floor length dress!!

    Your admirer,
    Mama Muffin

    • The Biscuits says:

      Dear Mama Muffin,
      Yes you did see Mamma Biscuit as Anna Wintour this past Halloween at the Sir Williams Dog Run in Fort Tryon Park……we will post that event soon on Mamma Biscuit’s official blog. Thank you for the compliments!! Unfortunately, Mamma could not attend last nights Ocars—she had a dinner event with the Obama’s to discuss puppy mill reform in this country!!

      Mamma and Co.

  10. Oh Mamma Biscuit!
    You are so fabulous! We applaud your efforts to institute puppy mill reform, too! Thanks for just being beautiful!
    Les Monstres

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