Puggie in a Snuggie

Mamma Biscuit is no stranger to QVC, Collections Etc. or the power of As Seen on TV products. After all, she’s exposed to so many Jeanne Bice/Quaker Factory segments and a plethora of infomercials within the blue of our TV screen light during the late hours of the night—while nursing her two dads with their annoying insomnia. With that said, here is our Lady of Biscuits draped in a dog Snuggie/canine straight jacket. Despite the near electrical-level of static that this fleece blend can create, Mamma happens to find it extremely cozy and is willing to step right into it whenever we pull it out!

Here are a few more photos of our little gremlin showcasing her Snuggie in pink while sitting in her maroon toile donut bed—it’s like Laura Ashley meets middle America—and we’re feeling it!

Enjoy this hysterical commercial for the Snuggie Dog. We love how complicated they make it seem to take your dog out for a walk in a simple dog sweater instead of a Snuggie—I guess life would be more convenient for me if I could wear my bathrobe whenever I leave the house!! And that talking dog tag—it’s a home invaders dream come true! Enjoy

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6 Responses to Puggie in a Snuggie

  1. Ellen Gionta says:

    Her tongue matches her Snuggie perfectly!!! I love it and she looks comfortable yet sassy!

  2. The Biscuits says:

    Thanks Ellen!! It’s frightening that her tongue is the exact same shade as that Snuggie, but it is!!

  3. Janet says:

    I have a pink Snuggie too, it’s up in the country. Jordan got it for me for my birthday a few years ago. I don’t look as cute as Mamma… but I love it just the same!

  4. T-Pup says:

    That commerical is too much. Why wasn’t Mamma in it? She naps…

    • The Biscuits says:

      It’s a damn shame she wasn’t asked to be in that commercial….I mean, we would have turned them down because it’s too low-brow but still, the offer should have still come in!!!’
      Ruff Ruff

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