Nudes, Series 1.

It’s high time we give our readers an up-and-close look at the real Mamma Biscuit! The unplugged, stripped-down, nude Mamma Biscuit that y’all have been craving to see! Usually, our Biscuit Lady showcases the hot canine styles and trends of the moment with poise and grace, however, the opportunity presented itself this past Monday morning in Boston to take these nude portraits. Tommy and I woke up to this beautiful, natural sunlight flowing in from the giant window in our friends apartment and I decided to stumble off the aero mattress to grab my camera to capture this fleeting moment!

Here she is, Mamma Biscuit, lounging on the canvas sofa with an arrogant, New England style. Her sexy legs crossed over as she basked in the warm sunlight streaming through the window! This Bitch really knows how to hide her candy while simultaneously showing you everything! I mean, just look at her in the first photo of this batch, she is giving us arctic-seal-waiting-for-a-piece-of-fish-realness, don’t you think?

Our little gremlin was so unaffected by my camera lens as I put it all up in her grill. The bitch practically fogged up the lens as I tried to capture these close-ups of her mug and that blip of a prosciutto tongue showing from her black lips! And how about those paws of hers? They’re like little ham hocks with perfectly manicured nails!

Portraits like these prove that the clothes don’t make the pug, it’s the pug that makes the pug! Mamma Biscuit is our beautiful pug—on the inside as well as on the outside and I intend on photographing her nude more often!

PS: Here was Mamma last year (the same time) at our friends apartment in Boston. Mamma’s natural fur coat suits her very well!


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  1. Heather says:

    gah she’s so adorable. sometimes my Buster sleeps face down on the sofa, and I always simultaneously think how cute he looks and HOW CAN HE BREATHE!!?!

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL Heather, I worry about the same thing! Sometimes Mamma makes her way so deep under our covers that I worry she will suffocate her own damn self during the night—but somehow, they breath, whether face down like Buster or deep in the caves of a comforter set on a queen bed! ;-)

  2. Vanessa says:

    These are beautiful, heart-melting pictures you’ve taken of her. I can feel the love :-)
    So glad she was given a second chance at a happy life!

    • The Biscuits says:

      She’s like a caramel dream in these photos if I say so myself Vanessa LOL She’s her most happiest when there is food in front of her face, or when she bullies me (usually by a cute stare down or jumping on top of me) to give her some food off my own plate LOL

  3. bfish says:

    Absolutely fantastic photos! Mamma B. is a most beautiful pug specimen (coming from me who’s had up to 5 pugs at a time plus almost 20 precious pug puppies passing through). Have you ever read/heard that the Chinese intentionally bred their dog breeds (think about Pekes as well as pugs) to have a human-like baby face? The theory was that people, instinctively, react with that “they are so cute and innocent that we must nurture and protect them” response. Also, pug whiskers crack me up. They’re so scraggly and all-over-the-place; not orderly like most dogs’ whiskers. They remind me of Ho Chi Minh’s beard (look that up, youngens).

    • The Biscuits says:

      I had no idea that the Chinese bred the pugs to have a baby face but it does make sense though. These dogs have such a human-like face because their features are so pushed in (they have no protruding snout like most dogs and therefore their face looks more like ours, the same way Monkeys looks like us) You’ve had 5 pugs at a time? LOLOL I envy you!!! and 20 puppies passing through?? sounds like my kind of household! I totally see your Ho Chi Minh’s reference although Mamma can sometimes look as straggly as Yasser Arafat LOL

      We’re so glad you love these photos. I need to photograph our little Biscuit more on teh natural side, it’s just so easy to photograph her wearing all of these funny outfits that I sometimes forget how beautiful she is unadorned!
      The Biscuits

  4. Mamma! You look simply fabulous darling. Your fur has a beautiful tone and your face is adorable. Job well done lady!

  5. T-Pup says:

    She so delicious. Stunningly beautiful. Mamma shines in MA. Thank you, too for sharing last year’s spread. xxx

  6. Charlotte says:

    I love mama biscuit nakey time!!! She is beyond words and just too marvelous. I would say more nudie-pics nothing more pure and virginal than Mama in her natural state.
    One question – does she not have pug eye boogers? her face always looks so clean, my dearly departed pug Peggy had copious amounts of eye juice, I could never keep up with cleaning out her folds….

  7. The Biscuits says:

    Hey Charlotte,

    Thanks for the funny note. Yes, Mamma has plenty of eye snot and and so much dirt and food that hides between her face folds but we are so incredibly obsessive with cleaning her face! After every walk, we wipe her down with a wet paper towel (face folds and paws) so she stays pretty clean otherwise, Pugs can be prone to bacterial infections!
    Also, once I take photos of her, if some eye gonk comes out and it photographed without me noticing, I’ll retouch it out but most of the time, I swipe her face clean, especially before I decide to take photos of her LOL We use a Q-tip for hard to reach areas and we make sure to swipe some Vaseline on her nose so it doesn’t crackle either—I know, the bitch is spoiled to say the least LOL I’ll make sure to take some more “nude” photos of our gremlin although I do have a new post lined up where she is wearing a special little jacket—what can we say, Mamma Biscuit loves her fashion!

  8. Rocky says:

    I love to see mamma clothes or no clothes!! lol….she’s so beautiful!

  9. Funaek says:

    I only just discovered your website a couple days ago and I love it! Mama Biscuit is an adorable pug, both in and out of her awesome clothes! And it warms my heart to hear her story. She must be so happy and content to be such a pampered pug living the good life!

    • The Biscuits says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and showing Mamma Biscuit your appreciation! BTW, I love that pug alphabet series you have been working on, I think it’s fantastic! Mamma Biscuit is content and happy as long as she’s got a treat to nosh on ;-)
      The Biscuits!

  10. Aivy says:

    Those close ups of her face just killed me. Ahh!~ Give her a squeeze for me!

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