Cowboy Up!


It’s official, our holiday seasons from this point on at the Pug Palace will be whole lot gayer now that I have acquired my very first Diamonds of the Sea Merman ornament.


These hard bodied muscle stud merman of all varieties have been floating in and out of my life throughout the years while hunting seasonal items and several weeks ago, my dream came true when my friend Chris gifted me one from his travels to Georgia. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a huge cowboy fanatic (I’m a regular Imelda Marcos when it comes to collecting cowboy boots) so it was only fitting that Chris snatched up the last “Clint” merman ornament known in existence! I say that because I make it a point to check out every gay book store in every town I visit (these ornaments are sold all year long) and have never once come across the legendary Clint ornament. I’ve seen photos of him online (he was part of the 2006 collection) and I always make a point of asking about him in the stores but I get the same response from all the sales clerks, “OH, Clint, that cowboy flew off the shelves years ago.” So Chris, if you’re reading this right now, thank you for lassoing what might be the last Clint merman on earth for me, I owe you big time.


There is so much glitter on this cowboy you would think that good ol’ Clint spent the first part of his life hanging on Mariah Carey’s Christmas tree!


In keeping with the western spirit (and talking about gay book stores in general) my new Clint merman ornament would look extra hunky and sexy next to my red bandana balls that I picked up at the “Going Out of Business” sale at the Rainbows and Triangles store here in NYC several months ago.


I was shocked when I stumbled upon a completely ransacked Rainbows and Triangles but somehow, I managed to find a set of three bandana Christmas balls at 80% off and Mamma Biscuit wagged her tongue (and curly tail) giving me her approval!


So that’s it folks, a little Christmas for you in the month of May. Only two more months and we’ll be celebrating Christmas in July on QVC. Quite frankly, I’m already yearning for the fiber optic/flameless seasonal wares that only a Home Shopping Network could provide—my void will be filled soon enough!


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8 Responses to Cowboy Up!

  1. Niamh says:

    Delightful post!! : D

  2. Christine and the Pug Pack says:

    You may want to Check out some of the stores in Mystic Ct. There are mermaids/men a plenty. Not to mention some stores that Mamma Biscuit would enjoy (custom leashes and the ever popular Stonington pets with specialty healthy treats.) Stonington Burough can turn up some swell finds too in general. I know I sound tacky, but don’t pay the first price you see for any of the stuff in the antique stores down there. Sometimes you will luck out and find garage sales in some of the smaller towns like Noank with a mix of vintage (except they don’t think of it as such) and newer stuff. Now that the weather is getting nice you will start to see more of that. I know Mystic Ct. Is a tourist trap , but you have to check out some of the vintage jewelry/accessory stores (at least for Mamma B). As you get off the Main Street, the prices go down. You guys and Mama B enjoy the nice weather. Christine, Dieter, Ramona and Winston

    • The Biscuits says:

      I’ve never heard of Mystic, Connecticut but now I’m going to do a little research and see if we can visit. We love small towns full of antique stores and vintage shops and most of all, we LOVE garage sales! We’ve scored some really nice seasonal items at a few garage sales down in Virginia! Thanks for the tip guys and many pug hugs and kisses to you and yours! xoxo

      • Chris S says:

        If you want to be in garage/barn/junk sale heaven, take a visit to the North Fork of Long Island and just head east down Sound Ave. and you will see signs aplenty advertising all the above. Make sure you stop at Dog Town in Southold and Greenport Pets in
        (you guessed it, Greenport) They have all sorts of niceties to delight Ms. Biscuit.
        Greenport holds a Pirate Festival in September, so if you go then it would only be fitting to dress Mamma up as a pirate Wench. I threaten to do that every year with my 3 puglets. I think Ramona would make an excellent wench, Dieter and Winston could be pirates and I would decorate their wagon like The Black Pearl. We just won’t let Ramona get too close to the cannon (we just don’t know what she may do) Enjoy the nice weather to come, Christine and the pugs : )

  3. Patty says:

    Awww… Mamma looks great in a bandanna! :-) Love those red Christmas ornaments! You have the best Christmas stuff!

    xoxo Patty

  4. Katy Anderson says:

    Give Mama Biscuit an extra big pug hug tonight! Our lovely pug, Jack, had to be put to sleep a couple days ago and we miss him deeply. There is no better friend than a pug friend!

    • The Biscuits says:

      OMG Katy! I’m so sorry for coming to this message so late! We are so very sorry to hear about the loss of your fur baby, Jack. Mamma Biscuit and family are sending you many pugs and kisses to you and yours during this time of grief! There is no better friend than that of a pug and you will cherish all of the wonderful memories you have with Jack!

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