14 in 2014!


You may be wondering why there was limited train service on your commute this morning with very few people around or how there were no cars on the road while driving to work, right? And how about your early run to the post office or bank only to find out that they were all closed? Expecting a package to arrive in the mail today? Well you can forget about it! Why you ask? Well if you are shameless enough to admit that you forgot today was Mamma Biscuit’s birthday then the federal government will remind you! That’s right, Mamma Biscuit’s birthday is a national holiday here in the good ol’ United Pugs of America—so go on and tell your boss to fuck off because your taking a fully paid day off! Congress has taken a day of recess today, the New York Stock Exchange floor is completely empty and even Israel and Palestine have taken the day off from their never ending feud to observe the most important holiday of all, the birth of Mamma Biscuit! OK, maybe today is not the exact day she was born but it was the day we brought her home to the Pug Palace. Can you believe it? It’s been 6 years to this day that Tommy and I headed down to Curly Tail Pug Rescue in the East Village to pick up our toothless gremlin. Boy does time fly when you are having fun. I remember the first time I laid eyes on Mamma as she came corralling inside from a walk with a gaggle of other pugs. She was snorting like a pig and I could easily pick her out from the crowd because she was the only one in the bunch to have a tongue that dropped down passed her knees! No one at Curly Tail had any idea when her actual birthday was. Puppy mills could care less about keeping records like that for dogs they assign a number to. In fact, Curly Tail told us she was 7 years old at the time but the files that came along with her from the vet stated that she was actually 8 years old. So right then and there we made July 11th (the day we brought Mamma Biscuit home to her Pug Palace) her official birthday and thanks to our elected leaders, this day has been turned into a national holiday—a day to celebrate our national treasure: Mamma Biscuit!


Now Mamma’s face may have gotten a whole lot grayer and her walks may be a bit slower but our little gremlin will forever be young, beautiful and full of style no matter how old she gets. She sure has the wardrobe to prove it! Here she is killing it wearing her super chic yellow with white polka dots birthday dress from Martha Stewart. Every year, I search high and low for a cute little birthday frock for Mamma Biscuit and this year, Martha’s canine line came through for us. I was able to redeem a Pet Smart gift certificate prize Mamma won for a small pet contest at Tommy’s company over the Winter season to pay for this dress and she looks so fabulous wearing it. Tommy also found this beautiful French floral brooch made from pearls and glass which looks stunning on a bright yellow dress, don’t you think? Oh, and that hot pink waist band with bow accent on this dress is everything! WERQ MAMMA, WERQ!


So we geared up our little Spumoni Face in this glamorous Summer ensemble and went out for a walk in Fort Tryon Park where she could receive the public and their numerous birthday wishes! People made the pilgrimage from all over the country (hell, the world even) to come see Mamma Biscuit perched on a park bench on her special day looking fashionably elegant and happy as a clam! Some came bearing gifts and treats, some came looking to be healed by her magical tongue and some came simply to wash her paws like Jesus Christ did for his Disciples! Unfortunately, Mamma Biscuit hates getting wet so she wouldn’t stand for any of that shit—not unless she was lured with a sack of peanut butter treats!


And then after 10 minutes of interacting with her fans, she got tired . . . and bored!


So after our lovely walk through the park, we headed back to the Pug Palace to celebrate her birthday festivities with fresh watermelon, honeydew melon and mango sorbet—all refreshing treats that could cool off the Biscuit Lady.


Mamma literally inhaled that sorbet in ten seconds flat before moving onto her bowls of fruit. She didn’t even bother to read her birthday card let alone wait for us to light her birthday candle to sing Happy Birthday to her. In typical Mamma fashion, she stormed the food spread like a pug pirate, inhaled everything in sight and then trotted off to a cool corner in the apartment to lay down on the floor and take a nap! If you ask Tommy, he’d say she learned that behavior from me—and I’m not sure I can deny that with a straight face.


So that’s it folks, today Mamma turns 14! We hope you all will enjoy this day off in celebration of her birthday. Today is the day we honor and celebrate our favorite toothless pug on the internet and how rewarding it is to rescue a pet!


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  1. T-Pup says:

    Happy Pug-Iversary, Mamma B! You look so precious in your new birthday dress and brooch! Happy your mill days are long behind you. May there forever be soft peanut butter chew treats, sorbet and tons of love in your future. You deserve it! xxx

  2. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    Happy birthday- home to your wonderful dads day, Mamma Biscuit!
    (Y’know, Martha Stewart’s dog clothing is seriously the ONLY stuff I can even hope to get my cylindrical little Penny G. in without making serious modifications. Pugs are rather interestingly shaped beings!)

    The Shoemakers

    • The Biscuits says:

      Martha’s doggy line is really the best off-the-rack clothing around! All of her clothes are so tasteful and so cute! Mamma Biscuit is sending you and Penny G. big pug hugs and kisses to thank you for your lovely birthday wishes! xoxo

  3. Woweeeeeeeeee! 14. Such a REGAL age. Congratulations to you all. This is truly wonderful. Big Canadian love to you. xoxoxoxoxo

    • The Biscuits says:

      SADIE! How we have missed you so much! Thank you for stopping by and sending Mamma Biscuit a special birthday greeting! We are sending you and Sadie big pug hugs and kisses from NYC to Canada! xoxo

  4. sarah blake says:

    birthday wishes from the UK for the beautiful Mamma Biscuit!!
    i hope your birthday was as magical and fabulous as you are Mamma :)
    I’m going to have cake and tea from a china cup in your honour,

    lots of love and birthday belly scratches xxx

    • The Biscuits says:

      YAY! Cake and tea for everyone served on the finest chinaware possible! Thanks so much for the lovely birthday greeting! We are sending you many pug hugs and kisses, from our home to yours! xoxo

  5. Gail Liston says:

    Dear Mama Biscuit, I just discovered you, and I am so taken with your story, your pretty face, and your gorgeous yellow frock! I am so glad you have found a loving home, and best wishes for many more happy years, dear Puggy!

    • The Biscuits says:

      Thanks so much for the lovely note Gail and welcome aboard to Mamma’s little canine corner on the web. If you love Mamma’s birthday frock as much as we do, I would suggest clicking on the “fashion” category on the right side bar and have a look at Mamma’s wardrobe throughout the years. I think you’ll love it!

  6. Serena says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful Mamma!! Big kisses from Australia xxx

  7. Chris S says:

    Hey Biscuit family, Mamma’s eyes are like little bright buttons and I must say she is aging especially gracefully. We love her party dress and all the adornments. Come to think about it, my fire department held a carnival with fireworks on Fri. July 11th. I just knew it was in celebration of Her Biscuit Lady’s special day!
    You guys are good Biscuit Dads. Enjoy the weekend!
    Pug Hugs to all, Christine, Ramona, Winston and Dieter (the Pug Pack)

    • The Biscuits says:

      YES, whenever I think of a fire works in the sky, I think of Mamma Biscuit’s birthday! Mamma and family are sending you, Ramona, Winston and Dieter (the Pug Pack) many pug hugs and kisses! Thank you for the lovely birthday greeting!

  8. Bethany says:

    I’m crying great big googlie tears of joy – Mama’s story does that to me. :-)

    She is the sweetest and looks beautiful… her birthday is the same day as my mom’s so it appears all the great ladies of the world celebrate on July 11. Happy Belated MB – you are loved in MA!!

  9. bfish says:

    Due to my laptop being out for repairs, I’ve been so neglectful of one of my favorite blogs and let this milestone date pass without sending timely congratulations and best wishes to the beautiful birthday girl and her wonderful daddies! As always, Mamma’s dress and accessories are ahead of the pack.

    Love from the P’burg pug posse — Bumper (15 years) and Top Dog (13 years)

    • The Biscuits says:

      Thank you so much for Mamma’s belated birthday greeting Barb! Mamma and family are sending you and yours many pug hugs and kisses! WOW, Bumper is 15 and Top Dog is 13—they are both Mamma’s peers LOL

  10. Suzy says:

    Happy birthday, Mama B! Looking fab as always! xx

  11. Sarah Blake says:

    Hello its Mamma’s number one uk fan here :) I love this buzzfeed article and if not mistaken I think Mamma is number 14 showing them how it’s done! Wondered if you had seen it and if I was right? Mamma is so famous!!


    Lots of love – Sarah xx

    • The Biscuits says:

      YAY Sarah, I did not see this Buzzfeed article and I love that they have dedicated it to elderly dogs . . . because they truly are the best!Thanks for sending it our way and for loving Mamma Biscuit so much! She’s sending you many pug hugs and kisses from across the pond.


  12. Patty says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, dear Mamma! Love, love, love your pretty dress and brooch. I also celebrated my birthday this month. Sending big kisses from one birthday girl to another!

    xoxo Patty

  13. Funaek says:

    Happy belated birthday to Mamma Biscuit! She doesn’t look a day over 8!

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