Mamma on Autopilot!


Life can really be tough here living in New York City. Our jobs can be demanding and stressful, the rent keeps going up as neighborhoods gentrify and the Subway system continues to be a slow and sluggish piece of antiquated machinery that seems to make any simple commute a nightmare! Competition is fierce, the pace is fast and you’ve got to give more and move fast if you want any good thing to last. The hours of the day steam roll by and weeks blend into months as we busily toil away with growing our careers and our 401K plans while trying to keep some semblance of a social life. In between all of that, the wrinkles pile up and the gray hair begins to show—or in my case, the hair just falls out completely. Fortunately, through it all, I can always rely on Mamma Biscuit to save my world. When I’m feeling depressed or overwhelmed (or worse, after watching the world news) all I need to do is look down at my feet and there she is, blinking her watery eyes at me in her flirtatious way while giving me her signature pug head-tilt, gently reminding me that I better not leave the damn room until I place a peanut butter treat in her mouth. Boy do I love feeling her gums with my finger tips when she boisterously bites down on those treats. I can carry the entire weight of the world’s problems on my shoulders throughout the day but the moment I turn the key to the door at the Pug Palace, that weight is instantly lifted! I’m sure that Mamma’s blog here acts like that kind refuge for you all as well. Throughout the day, you can log on and touch base with your favorite toothless pug on the internet—and the stresses of that horrible meeting at work suddenly melt away. Checking in on Mamma Biscuit is a great way to forget about impending layoffs, difficult bosses or anyone looking to procrastinate! Some need coffee, most of us need the unbearable cuteness of a pug. That’s why I have suited our little gremlin up like the hero she is to distract from the struggles of life. Armed with love, snorts and a long tongue, Mamma Biscuit is on a mission to make everyone across the globe smile—and that’s the love bomb she drops!


Now isn’t this pilot suit with built in hoody absolutely adorable? Mamma’s like the pug version of Snoopy—and I guess that would make me Charlie Brown considering I like to complain a lot too! Be thankful I was able to colorize these vintage photos of Mamma Biscuit perched upon a park bench before taking her position as pilot aboard her love plane! The plane brooch in gold metal is just the right touch for this ensemble—and if you are all wondering why I didn’t wrap a scarf around her neck, well, I just assumed her tongue would billow out in the wind instead! Our little gremlin is on a mission to save this world from boredom and stress—one pug hug and a kiss at a time! Just watch out for the spittle falling from the sky!


On another note, Today marks the beginning of Halloween season and all we can say is be prepared! We’ve got some fun spooky tales to share with you all this month, all concluding with Mamma Biscuit’s annual Halloween costume—and boy will it be epic this year!


Stay tuned. . . .


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15 Responses to Mamma on Autopilot!

  1. T-Pup says:

    Mamma is so “Shadows of the Night” Pat Benatar here!!! LOVE!!
    Like all New Yawkerz, Mamma’s Tough!
    Happy Autumn in NY, Mr. Biscuit. It’s good to live it again….

  2. Patty says:

    Mamma might not have any teeth, but I know who the boss is in your household! lol She’s just so adorable in that hoodie! I wanted to mention that I was checking out some older posts and one of them “Mamma calls shotgun” had to be the cutest photos of Mamma that I had ever seen! She’s too much!

    xoxo Patty

  3. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    I LOVE that outfit. I want to get one for Penny and take her to the WWII reenactment later this month here in Massachusetts, with the old timey planes, except I know she’d be freaked by the noise. I wonder if I could show the mechanics Mamma… maybe they’d put her portrait on the plane nose, like the pin up pug she is.

    And the melty feeling you speak of when looking in her eyes… I know only too well. My husband has been in DC for the past few days and I asked the dogs if they missed dad or were they just sick of my face? Our Boston mix said he was kinda missing dad and sorta sick of my face, and Penny made her big pug eyes and said, “Mama, I could NEVER be sick of your face.”

    Well, they mostly burped and oinked and said, “Goodies, please.” Penny DID make that face, though.

    I am glad you guys have Mamma, and she has you. And that you document it so freakin’ adorably.

    Pug wiggles
    Kristin and Penny

    • The Biscuits says:

      OH MY PUG, you should definitely take Penny to the WWII reenactment later this month dressed like a pilot, or even better, like a war pin-up girl LOL Our fur babies tell us everything with their eyes and I can assure you that yours are not sick of your face LOL
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for Mamma’s upcoming Halloween madness later this month! xoxo

      • Chris S says:

        Happy Autumn Biscuit Family! I love Mamma’s hoodie and her zippy little airplane pin.
        I also love the black and white picture of Mamma…she looks like a WW1 flying ace.
        I think it would be especially nifty to see Mamma dressed up like a 1960’s stewardess (coffee,tea or Mamma B?)…you can “fly the friendly skies” with Mamma on PWA…Pug World Airlines…I am sure your flights will be overbooked! Enjoy your weekend, <3 Christine, Dieter,Ramona and Winston

        • The Biscuits says:

          Happy Autumn to you all too Christine, Dieter,Ramona and Winston! LOL I love the idea of a pug airlines, specifically one named PWA . . . Pug World Airlines! I’ve always wanted to make a pin-up calendar of Mamma Biscuit and dress her up like a Vargas girl LOL Might be pushing the boundaries but I have a feeling it would look hilarious—and you know me, always chasing a good laugh!


  4. Daina says:

    No scarf needed with that amazing tongue! I can’t wait to see the Halloween costume reveal. You guys never disappoint!

    Are you guys going apple picking this year? Our hope was to go today, but the rainy weather changes our plans! We are not sure if we are going to make it this year. Time is flying by and we heard that the apple orchards are very low on apples this season. I am sad to miss out on this fun fall tradition (and on those amazing donuts!). Happy weekend!

    • The Biscuits says:

      Hey there Daina,

      So nice to read a comment from you on our blog. Glad you liked this post. Despite the weather being really rainy on Saturday, the later part of the day turned out to be sunny but was probably too late for apple picking. In case you guys decide to go this year, The Biscuits will be there on Saturday the 18th. Would be great to see you guys again. Even if the orchards are fruitless this year, we always round up our friends for an autumnal picnic and some photos of Mamma Biscuit in the pumpkin patch!


      • Daina says:

        Shoot! We will be in Florida that weekend for a wedding. Thank you so much for the invite! I hope you guys have a wonderful time. Eat some extra apple donuts for me!!!

        • The Biscuits says:

          That’s too bad! It would have been fun to meet up at the orchards, where we first met! At any rate, have a fun weekend in Florida and let’s seriously try and meet up one day in teh park in November. I totally dropped the ball on that plan a year ago! so sorry!

  5. Michaela says:

    Thank you for your amazing blog. Mamma B is really unbearable cute with her always present tongue and her gray snout. I found your blog by chance and I’m very glad your stunningly beautiful bug lady gives me a bit of comfort. I have lost my dearly beloved Pug Tsunami on September 5. She died unexpectedly leaving me in an unhappy pugless world. Your words are exactly like mine. Without my lovely pug the weight of the world is on my shoulders again. At home is no more pug that frees me from the burden. Since she’s gone all stresses and horrible meetings at work become completely unbearable. I miss her so much.

    Please give Mamma B 1000 kisses and snuggle with her endlessly. Her live changed so wonderful. :)
    I wish you and Mamma Biscuit all the best and that she live a very very long time to make you still happy.
    Dearest greetings from germany to NY

    • The Biscuits says:

      Dear Michaela,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I always think about Mamma’s mortality with each passing year and I cherish every moment I have with her. Please make this blog a sanctuary for you to get your pug fix when you are feeling down. xoxo

      • Michaela says:

        Thank you. I will eagerly pursue her further adventures and I`m curious about her new fashion highlights. Fortunately, my little mouse was not as demanding with her ​​wardrobe. Because of the amazing collection of Mamma B and because my pug never tasted a peanut butter treat I almost feel guilty.

        I cherished every moment too … I was so lucky I got her as a puppy and loved her from the first second so much … but when they’re gone, you think anyway, the time was not enough. Her eleven years have flown by …

        But think positiv : the peanut butter treats are probably the top secret medicine
        for a very very long pug life. I`m a doctor, I should have known ;)))

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