Spring Anyone?


Does this look like a portrait of Spring to you? Seriously, this Winter does not want to go away. It’s one of the most confusing Winters we have experienced here in the Northeast in a really long time. One day it’s 47 degrees and the next day, it drops down to -11 degrees. How the hell am I supposed to deal with the depression that sets in this weekend when I have to move the clocks one hour ahead to usher in the new season when the forecast calls for snow, snow and more snow? If that’s bad enough, I had intentions of decorating the Pug Palace this weekend with Mamma’s annual Easter tree yet the 8 inches of snow on the ground has me wanting to drag out the Christmas tree instead. I promised Mamma Biscuit that I would make her home more Spring-like to cheer her up so despite what’s going on outside, the Easter bunny is coming out this weekend—snow or shine! At any rate, I did take the day off from work yesterday when our entire city turned into a magnificent snow globe and found enough time in the morning to take a long walk through Fort Tryon Park with Mamma Biscuit to take some portraits. I have been meaning to photograph Mamma sporting her new pink puffer jacket and a blizzard backdrop seemed to be the right time to do it. So bundle up and come take a virtual tour with us through the park. Johnny Mathis was right, it truly is a marshmallow world in the Winter!


After slipping and sliding all over a few park benches, Mamma decided she was going to prance her way through the park and get her paws into some fluffy white snow! I loved every moment of her snorting through the 8″ of snow and snowflakes falling diagonally across her face as she occasionally stuck her tongue out to taste a few. My girl, any chance she can get to eat something!


We hope you had a fun snow day! Here’s hoping for a warm-up next week so we can actually feel good about hanging Easter eggs on a tree!


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  1. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    Our doggy kids are so pissed – nay, bullshit- about the snow here in Boston (seven feet in two weeks… how does Buffalo DO it?) Penny is much more of a trooper about it all, and she enjoys her little pug sweater, but when you can’t see trucks driving by on the street over the snow, it’s just too much for pugs to handle.

    Eddie, our Boston/Chihuahua mix, insists on going out naked (men!) and shivering all pathetic like. We’re all going to have trouble fitting through the doors at this rate… can’t walk, only eat!

    Penny insists on doing her part (much like Mamma, it seems) to melt snow by licking all the snow she touches. I appreciate the sentiment, but I am afraid her lolly tongue will stick to the storm door.

    Pugs really do look lovely in pink… and Mamma wears it well. It brings out the twinkle in her tongue!

    We can get through this, and it beats oppressive heat, right?
    Pug hugs,
    Kristin, Paul, Penny and Eddie

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOLOL Penny and Eddie sound like a couple of hilarious dogs! How the hell did you all manage Boston this Winter? the reports just surfaced today stating that this particular Winter had the most snowfall on record EVER! DAMN! At any rate, all of the snow here in NYC is gone and Mamma Biscuit and I are so ready for Easter and Springtime! Sending you all some warm thoughts up there!

      • Kristin Shoemaker says:

        It was the 14 day stretch that seven and a half feet fell that was killer. Spread out over a few months, no big deal. But we could shovel it – it was that nice light fluffy stuff – and there was just no place to put it. Now we have potholes and weird buckling sidewalks (well, more than we did, on roads just fixed).

        In a desperate bid for spring (and in light of the parkour worthy walkways) we finally broke down and got Penny a stroller. It’s all terrain, so her pug bottom won’t get jostled and she can go all the fun places Eddie does. Will let you guys know how it goes. Think the biggest obstacle will be not feeling weird pushing a pug in a stroller. Don’t know about Mamma, but Penny gets to be a bit heavy and wiggly if she needs an extended lift on a walk. I am also always worried I’ll trip with her.

        It’s melting… if we can just avoid those occasional 14″ first week of April snowstorms…

        Pug wiggles and screams
        Kristin, Paul, Penny and Eddie

        • The Biscuits says:

          OH MY GOODNESS LOL I need to see a photo of Penny in a stroller! Tommy and I have toyed around with getting Mamma Biscuit one but we already carry her everywhere like she is the Queen of Egypt, I don’t want to further her indulgences! Finally, we are starting to see 60 degree days here in NYC and Mamma is getting up earlier and walking longer!

          Spring is in the air folks!


  2. Chris S says:

    Mamma B in her pink puffer coat is certainly a bright spot in the 50 shades of grey that is the Fort Tryon Park tundra (and everywhere else I might add). As Kristin mentions, pink is a Pugs color. At the rate we are going with the snow,
    I am thinking of NOT coloring the Easter eggs and throwing them in the yard and telling the kids “good luck”!
    Well, try to think warm thoughts as we crunch salt and sand into our hard wood floors and carpeting when we come in from taking take our demanding Pugs out, for what feels like the 10th time in an hour, in an effort to break their pee strike.

    Stay warm Biscuit Family, Pug Hugs to all, Christine, Ramona, Dieter and Winston

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL It’s amazing the kind of changes mother nature can bring from one week to the next because all of the snow is gone! I know exactly what you mean regarding the salt and sand on the hard wood floors inside your home! I seriously cannot wait to paint the walls in my hallway! I’m just waiting at least another month in case we get that last ditch freak snow storm! At any rate, the Easter Tree is officially up and Springtime is alive and well inside Mamma’s Pug Palace. You, Ramona, Dieter and Winston are invited to come scour our rooms for Easter eggs! xoxo

  3. Patty says:

    Hi Biscuit family- I think every pug princess needs a pink puffer coat! Mamma looks fab as always. Although in the second picture, it looked like (to me, anyways!) that Mamma was thinking “my dad actually brought me out in this bleeping snow?!” lol But she actually looks so happy prancing through the snow, even has a smile on her cute little face. Sweet!

    xoxo Patty

    • The Biscuits says:

      Thank you Patty! This pink puffer coat was such a last minute purchase right before the new year. The our life got really busy and I never had the opportunity for Mamma Biscuit to wear it so I’m glad mother nature gave us that last snow storm for Mamma to sport it around the park! Usually, the Biscuit Lady hates the outdoors but there is something about the snow under her paws that she loves! LOL

  4. T-Pup says:

    I love pug paw prints in the snow! xoxoxo

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