Let the Season Begin!


The official start to the Holiday season worldwide can only happen when Mamma Biscuit makes her annual visit to the North Pole to sit on Santa’s lap and snort her long list of wants into his ears. And boy is her list super long this year. Fortunately, for us, the North Pole is really local. I mean, local as in Dees’ Nursery out on Long Island local. Every year, on Black Friday, Tommy and I outfit our little gremlin in some fabulous canine couture and drive on over to Dees’ Nursery for some Christmas magic with Santa Claus. The moment we walk in, the entire store literally comes to a halt. It’s a family business so everyone knows who we are and most of all, everyone says that it wouldn’t be Christmas without Mamma’s entertaining visit. I have to say, we were totally surprised when we realized that the Santa we have been visiting for the past six years is no longer on staff. That man not only had a real beard but he absolutely adored Mamma Biscuit and would wait patiently every year for her visit. We were told that he moved down to South Carolina but this new Santa was just as charming and full of sparkle, especially when we placed Mamma in his arms. The bonus to this new set up was having Mrs. Claus there as well. What a treat for Mamma Biscuit as she could charm both Santa and his wife in an attempt to land herself on his VIP list.


So as Mamma eased into the arms of Santa Claus wearing her faux fur coat and giant pearl heart brooch, she began to snort out her Christmas list while falling asleep in his cozy embrace. Our little gremlin has her eye on a yacht, and really, that’s not a lot. However, she needs a new wardrobe to wear while lounging on that yacht and Santa better have Chanel on speed dial! Chanel and Vivienne Westwood for that matter! Let’s see, what else . . . oh yes, she wants a few diamond brooches, the Art Deco kind and last but not least, she wants a giant bag of peanut butter treats.


Of course, Mamma has done nothing to deserve all of these gifts except for being the cutest pug one has ever seen. I mean, her marble eyes and charming pug head tilt could really make you forget that she peed on the rug or woke you up at 2am demanding to be walked and fed. In other words, it’s a pug’s life, specifically, it’s a Mamma Biscuit life.


A short walk through Dees’ always gets our creative juices flowing and in the spirit to deck the halls. This is THE place artificial Christmas trees, lights and garland among other holiday decorations.


The weather may be unseasonably warm this year but Mamma Biscuit and Santa sure know how to make everyone feel like it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It may not be a marshmallow world this Winter (yet) but Mamma Biscuit is ringing her silver bells and letting you know that it’s Christmas time in the city!



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4 Responses to Let the Season Begin!

  1. Kristin Shoemaker says:

    I gotta say, I was sort of saddened by the prosthetic beard, but maybe Mamma’s sweet little presence will make new Santa (and maybe a little pressure from Mrs. Claus) do a “No Shave New Year.” A lovely pug lady can have such an effect.

    Is it paredolia, or does the festive topiary Mamma is posing near have a face… (Sometimes I get paredolia going with Penny and think I see a neck!) She looks so lovely and glamorous and… comfy riding around in her daddies’ arms. She looks really comfy. Hell, I want a nap now.

    Christmas comes faster then, right? Plus, less chance of landing on a naughty list if we’re sleeping!

    Festive topiaries to all!
    Kristin, Paul, Eddie and Penny

    • The Biscuits says:

      Same here, we were saddened too that the original Santa is no longer there. He had a real beard and just contained the right amount of jolly to make myth almost believable. This guy was super nice too and he came with Mrs. Claus, so that was a plus but I’m just not digging the fake beard at all. The festive topiary Mamma is posing near does, in fact, have a face LOL The entire bush was shaped like a giant teddy bear. Mamma fell asleep numerous times throughout our visit. That faux fur coat is like a luxurious sleeping bag for her LOL Happy Holidays to you and the gang!

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Biscuit family, Mamma B looks very cozy in her faux fur coat while visions of soft peanut butter treats dance in her sleepy little head. I am sure Mamma has been a little angel this year and her name is no.1 on the Nice List. Dieter, Winston and Ramona are in the top 10 on the Naughty List, with Ramona coming in at no.1. Still, despite their freshness Santa will lavish them with gifts and treats. Hope you are enjoying the whirlwind of activity before the holidays, Pug hugs to all, Christine. Ramona, Winston and Dieter

    • The Biscuits says:

      LOL Fat chance that Mamma Biscuit is in the number 1 slot on Santa’s good list. She’s been so bad lately and she simply gets away with it because she’s just too damn cute! I’m sure you have that same problem with Dieter, Winston and Ramona. They misbehave but the moment they flash those adorable eyes at you, all is forgiven! It’s been a whirlwind to say the least and the season is only getting started! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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